Ariadimari Terms of Service

Unless otherwise indicated in the contract entered into between the parties (as defined below), the following apply:

“Customer” refers to the individual or legal entity entering into a hotel accommodation contract and/or a tourist package purchase contract, either as a guest or on behalf of a guest.
Where indicated, the term “n.c.” regarding children’s age means “not completed.”
Ariadimari is the company that manages reservations and enters into contracts for hotel stays, as well as operating the Ariadimari hotel where customers are accommodated.

Only small pets are allowed at the Ariadimari hotel. Upon arrival at the hotel, documentation regarding the pet’s health will be requested.

Rooms are assigned from 12:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure.

Customers can receive assistance and clarification regarding their booking procedures by calling +39 079 583119.
Ariadimari’s assistance is ongoing: staff residing on the premises are available during the hours communicated on-site for any needs that may arise during the stay.
In case of need, customers can also contact Ariadimari at +39 079 583119 or via email at

Customers should contact the hotel reception for details on how to use the service.

Items found or forgotten by the customer will be kept by the hotel management for a period of 30 days (pending customer claim). After this period, the items will be disposed of.

Acceptance of reservation. The reservation is considered finalized, and consequently the contract is considered concluded, only when Ariadimari sends confirmation, also electronically, to the customer as defined above. Acceptance of the reservation is subject to the receipt of a deposit agreed upon with the reservations office. At the end of the stay, any deposit will be considered a partial payment of the agreed consideration.

Reservations are confirmed after agreements made with the reservations office.
The balance of the holiday will be paid upon arrival at the facility.

Upon arrival at the hotel for check-in, it is necessary to present identification documents for all family members (exclusively: valid ID card or passport). Minors listed on one of the parent’s passports cannot travel with that document. Therefore, without individual identification documents, check-in will not be possible, and customers will not be accommodated at the hotel.
If the hotel identifies a tariff difference resulting from incorrect communication of the age of family members during booking, the tariff adjustment payment must be settled upon the customer’s arrival.

The minibar is available in some room types; in others, it is restocked upon request by the customer and at an additional cost.

Tourist tax: Italian municipalities have the authority to apply tourist tax at any time; this must be paid by the customer directly at the hotel according to the regulations in force on the date of the stay, even if it is instituted after the booking confirmation.
VAT: Our rates include VAT; if the tax undergoes changes compared to the current rate of 10% and it is higher, the difference must be paid directly at the hotel by the customer.

Parking spaces are available both inside and outside the facility.

Throughout the Ariadimari facility, accommodation is provided in rooms with private bathrooms.
Unless otherwise specified, triple room accommodation consists of a double room with an additional bed.

If the contracted service is not available for the reasons defined below, Ariadimari may provide the customer with suitable substitute accommodation of equal quality, with any minimal and justified differences.
Reasons justifying this action include, for example: rooms becoming uninhabitable, changes in air and/or sea transport schedules, extension of stay by guests already occupying the room, overbooking, services becoming excessively burdensome due to unforeseeable extraordinary events.

Customer’s change and termination
Any changes to reservations requested by customers (e.g., name change, change of stay dates, change of destination) and/or cancellations of already confirmed reservations are subject to change fees and cancellation penalties. The calculation of these fees, based on the contractual conditions indicated in the reservation and on the website, will be communicated by Ariadimari at the time of the customer’s request.
Ariadimari guarantees the booked services;
Customers who, for any reason, interrupt the trip or refuse the booked tourist services are not entitled to a refund of the price paid.

In case of termination by the customer, the consumer and/or the intermediary agency jointly agree to pay Ariadimari penalties as determined below:

10% of the total booking amount for cancellations up to 30 (thirty) days before the start of the stay;
30% of the total booking amount for cancellations up to 15 (fifteen) days before the start of the stay;
50% of the total booking amount for cancellations up to 3 (three) days before the start of the stay;
100% of the total booking amount for cancellations from the scheduled arrival day;
The latter penalty also applies if the customer interrupts an already started stay.
The calculation of days does not include the day of termination.
The communication of total and/or partial contract termination must be made in writing on a weekday, excluding Saturdays, preceding the start of the stay. Any registration and/or insurance fees are non-refundable.
Any refunds will only be made to the booking customer. In the case of pre-established groups, the amounts above will be agreed upon each time the contract is signed.

If the customer does not pay and/or the payment is not credited to Ariadimari within the deadline indicated in the reservation, Ariadimari has the right to cancel the reservation and terminate the contract without extensions and without reimbursing the customer for any presumed damages and/or penalties. The penalties mentioned above, payable by the customer, remain valid. Ariadimari has the right to terminate the contract for justified reasons (including the case where the service becomes excessively burdensome due to unforeseeable extraordinary events and/or circumstances), for force majeure and/or fortuitous events, or due to the failure to reach the minimum number of participants. In such cases, Ariadimari will notify the customer well in advance and propose an alternative reservation.
The customer may alternatively exercise the right to receive a refund of the amount paid or to enjoy the proposed alternative reservation.