“CLIENTS” is the natural or the legal person that stipulate a hotel stay contract and/or a purchase agreement of a tourist package.
Where indicated, “n.c.” referring to the age of the children means “non completed”.
Ariadimari snc is a company that manages the reservations, stipulates the contract for the stays and runs the hotel where the clients are accommodated. Ariadimari snc is a company that manages the reservations and stipulates purchase agreements of touristic packages.

In Ariadimari hotel structure, small size pets are accepted . Your pet’s health documents will be required on arrival.

Your room is available from 12:00 am on the day of arrival and check-out is within 10:00 am on the day of departure.

Clients can have all the necessary clarifications regarding their reservations by contacting the Ariadimari booking office at the number +39 (0)79 583119 – email
The hotel staff is always at clients complete disposal for any need they may have during their stay.
Moreover, for claims and assistance they can contact the Ariadimari customer care office by writing to

Free wi-fi connection is at guests disposal. Please ask the reception for further information about the covered areas and the activation modalities. If the wi-fi connection is available in the common areas, and rooms too. Our broadband is therefore limited in order to allow everybody a better web surfing.

Lost properties forgotten by the clients will be kept for maximun 10 days by Ariadimari snc.
Unclaimed items will be disposed of after that period.

The reservation is accepted – and consequently the contract is stipulated only when Ariadimari snc send the confirmation, also with electronic trasmission. The acceptance of the reservation depends on the payment of a deposit paid by the client to Ariadimari. The deposit is non interest-bearing. It is neither a security deposit, nor a confirmation, nor a penalty
The reservation has to be considered confirmed only when Ariadimari has collected the 25% (in case of simple hotel stay) of the gross amount of the booked services, including the subscription quotes.
The total amount of the reservation has to be paid within 20 days before the departure date. The total amount of all the reservations done within the 30 days before the departure date has to be paid at the moment of the reservation itself. For “special offers” the conditions may be different.

On arrival, on compulsory registration at the hotel, proper documents af any member of the entire family are required: valid identity card or passport. Minors on the parents’ passport cannot travel with this document.
They are required to show their proper identity card with photo (tax identification number or health service card will not be accepted). Without this documents it will not be possible to check-in (legal sanctions are foreseen otherwise). The hotel is supposed to claim the price difference in case the age is inconsistent with that indicated at the moment of reservation.

Minibar is filled upon request and the service is on payment.

Tourist Tax: At any time, the italian Townships have the right to levy the tourist tax; therefore, where this tax comes on force, clients must pay it directly at the hotel at the moment of check-in, in compliance with the existing regulations.
VAT: We would like to remind you that 10% VAT is included in our prices. In case this tax should vary, the total amount of the reservation could be higher. The difference must be paid directly at the hotel at the moment of check-in.

If available, the parking places are subject to availability.

The prices are expreseed in euro. The price reduction of the special offers cannot be combined The reservation with promotional prices are subject to surcharge for the processing fees. The processing fees are fixed, non refundable and include the reservation charges.

If the accomodation foreseen by the contract is not available, Ariadimari can put at the client’s disposal and alternative room of the same quality, in some cases with small and justified differences. Among the reasons that can cause a change there could be, for example, rooms become no more usable, modifications of flights times, extension of the stay of the guests previously accommodated in that room and overbooking.

The check in time is from 11:00 a.m. till 22:00 p.m. in case of latest arrivals please advise the hotel.

1. If the customer cancels the holiday, the following cancellation charges are payable. This charge will be also applied if the customer interrupts the stay already started. The date that cancellation notification is received by Ariadimari ( must be in a working day, excluding Saturday) shall determine the costs payable by the customer:
From the confirmation of the holiday to 30 days before departure 10% of the cost of the holidays is forfeited
30 – 15 days before departure 30% of the cost of the holiday is forfeited
15 – 3 days before departure 50% of the cost of the holiday is forfeited
3 days or less before departure 100% of the cost of the holiday is forfeited
The registration fees and/or insurance policies are non-refundable.
2. Any cancellation of the holiday must be notified by the Customer in writing to Ariadimari
3. Referring to any legal action about the execution of the contract you have to lie with the jurisdiction of Sassari Court.